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Easy Dental

Open Late Night & Weekends.

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About Us

About Us

“Man-made things have never been better than natural teeth.” Easy Dental’s professional philosophy is simple but fundamental. We want to educate the community so they can keep their teeth, gums and jaw bone healthy to allow them to remain throughout the patient’s life. If our patient needs dental treatment, we will provide a treatment plan in which will allow them to keep their natural teeth longer. If a patient were to lose a tooth or teeth, we will provide a treatment plan which will allow our patient to keep existing teeth in a less stressful and healthier environment.

We offer affordable prices and we proudly provide the best services with State of the Art dental equipment and materials. Our staff is strict when complying with OSHA regulations and infection control. All instruments are properly sterilized based on OSHA regulation. Our sterilization machine is the best among office level sterilization machines in US. The staff runs weekly spore tests on our autoclave. To maintain non-sterilizable equipment and instruments cleaned we use hospital grade disinfectant clothes.  


Our Address

13998 Horizon Blvd. Suites 130-140.

Horizion City, TX 79928

Hours of Operation:

Mon,Tue,Th,Fri: 8:00AM - 8:00PM

Wed and Sat : 8:00AM - 5:00PM


Tel:  915- 852-0852

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